During the late spring, summer and early autumn months (kitten season), we usually have kittens in a variety of colours and of different ages. During the rest of the year we may have just a few or none at all.If you would like to meet a kitten with a view to offering it a home, then please contact us or call in at the Ark during our opening hours and we’ll be happy to introduce you. Make sure you have read and understood our Adoption Agreement so that you understand on what terms we can offer you an animal.Please be aware that it’s policy not to reserve kittens until they’ve reached six weeks of age. This is to ensure they’re perfectly fit and well and so avoid disappointment. Our newborn kittens will be posted on this page once they’re old enough to be viewed at the Ark.

It should be noted that it is Ark policy NOT to rehome a kitten to a home on a busy road and we don’t rehome kittens to be house cats as we believe all cats should have access to outdoors and to choose to go out if they wish.

Please note: To make things run more smoothly, we’d be grateful if adopters, once they’ve passed the home check, would let us know the day and approximate time they plan to collect their new pet. Effective from 1st April 2018 the adoption donation for a kitten will be £50 and £75 for a pair.

Each cat and dog adopted from The Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home comes with 5 Weeks Free pet insurance – whatever their age!

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