Permanent Residents

Some animals find themselves staying with us for life, either because no suitable home has been offered them, often  due to a medical condition or behavioural problem, sometimes due to their age, depending on their species and sometimes simply because they’ve been unlucky and have been overlooked despite our attempts to draw attention to them. Most of these are cats and horses, but also dogs, birds and small furries.

These animals remain living at the Ark for the rest of their lives, or until a suitable home is found and we do all we can to give them a good and natural quality of life as we can for as long as they need us. Volunteers come regularly and spend time with them and give them the love and attention they’d get in a home of their own. The only ones that don’t get this attention and wouldn’t appreciate it are our feral and semi-feral cats!.

Another way to help is to sponsor an animal and the money goes towards the chosen one’s upkeep. Suggested sponsorship donations are on our Sponsorship page More information can be obtained by applying to the Ark office and speaking to a member of staff, asking for a sponsorship pack, or emailing us via our Contact form when a sponsorship pack and payment details can be sent out to you.

Our permanent horses, ponies and donkeys are on our Permanent Equine Residents page. and we occasionally have horses, ponies or donkeys available for adoption or loan and these will be featured on our Horses page