Older Dogs

We can no longer allow people on site to look around as we must know at all times who is onsite and to minimise dog barking, so all visits to see animals must be pre-arranged to meet specific animals seen on the website. Appointments are daily between 12-2.30pm and can be made by ringing the Ark office on 01507358140 or by emailing via our Contact Us page.

Over the past few years we have had great success with the rehoming of our older dogs. However there are always more older dogs coming in, so we have decided to separate those over six or seven years old from the younger ones to give them better visibility on our site, by dedicating a page to them alone.From now onwards, we ask for people bringing dogs in for rehoming to make sure they are up to date with vaccinations and can provide proof or are willing to arrange an appointment with our vets a week before admission, or unfortunately they may risk being turned away.

Please note: All meetings with dogs by prospective adopters are strictly by appointment, as are all collections , once satisfactory checks have been done. Appointments are daily, including weekends 12-2.30pm. Effective from 1st December 2020, the adoption donation for a dog will be £150 for one and £200 for a pair.

Each cat and dog adopted from The Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home comes with 5 Weeks Free pet insurance – whatever their age!

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