Hello! I’m Annie!


DATE OF ADMISSION:- 5th September ‘18

SEX:- Mare

AGE:- 2-3yrs

BREED:- Gypsy cob

SIZE:- 11-12hh, still growing


BROUGHT FROM:- Welsh Pony Rescue

REASON FOR RESCUE:- Abandoned in Cardiff and taken to rescue


MEDICAL HISTORY:- Totally blind

DIET:-Was on build up diet but has now gained weight so is on usual winter diet

BEHAVIOURAL HISTORY:- Trusting now she knows us

LIKES:- Paired with Amy, manager Sue’s horse, who wears a bell so that Annie can follow her, doesn’t mind being touched now

DISLIKES:- Can’t be hurried

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:- It’s thought Annie has been blind since birth, so she needs guidance, stability and sympathetic handling but has come on amazingly since she arrived in such a bedraggled, neglected state. She was clipped and groomed, seen by the vet and gradually introduced to the yard and paddock, She’s growing in confidence now she knows people, recognises voices and has an idea of the layout at the Ark, but still sometimes bumps into fencing. Listening out for Amy’s bell helps her avoid some obstacles though. The photos below show Annie when she first arrived and her transformation into the horse she is now.