Hello! I’m Fudge!


I came into the Ark for emergency boarding but was never collected and my owner was untraceable. I’m a male, honey-coloured lop of about 1 year. I’ve not yet been neutered or vaccinated. It’s unlikely I’ll be neutered during the cold weather as I’ll need a warmer environment to recover but the Ark will give any new owner a neutering voucher for use at the Ark’s vets.I eat nuggets, hay, fruit and veg.

I’ve not shown any aggression, am skitty to be picked up but fine once I’m up. It’s not known if I have any experience of children or other pets but I came in with my brother Pebbles although we’re not living together. I’m used to an outside hutch and run.



Fudge is reserved, awaiting collection after neutering.

Fudge has been neutered and vaccinated.