Lovely Lola arrived at the ark in April of this year due to her owner’s ill-health and was adopted and went to live in the North-east. She’s actually written to us herself to let us know how she’s getting on:

“Hi,Well I have been in my new home nearly 4 months and wow it’s been a blast!
When I left the Ark I moved to the North East, they speak funny here but are kind.
In July I went on my holiday, I think my new owner was trying to walk my legs off, I slept really well when I go back, I enjoyed the ice-cream the best.
My new owner has her parents visit and they have a dog too, he’s old, he seems to have disappeared since her parents have been….don’t know where he’s gone.
My new owner is trying to find me toys that last longer than 2 minutes, she has found me a cricket ball, she keeps hiding it but I keep finding it.
I have my own bed and before we all go to bed, I get a denture stick, I sleep really well but people seem to moan at me as I have a smelly bottom, well my new owner feeds me (I’m not ladylike as my bottom burps).Well I’ll be in touch again. Lola.”

One would get the impression from the photos that Lola spends most of her life asleep but, knowing her as we do, it’s our guess that when she’s asleep is the only time she’s still enough to have her photo taken!