Hello! I’m Oscar!

oscarI am a male Shih-tzu, am 19 months old and am a small tan and white dog.

I’ve been neutered and my vaccinations are up to date. I’m fit and well and I eat a complete dry food with meat.

I’d been in my recent home since I was a puppy but now i’m not getting what I need due to my owner having two new knees.

I’m playful but can mouth and snap at people I’m unsure of and am very protective of my home. I’ve not lived with children but regularly met the grandchildren of 12 and 3 years and was good with them but better with the older one. I’ve not lived with another dog , am playful with them but will let them know when I’ve had enough. I’ve no experience of cats and I don’t like the hoover.

I’ve not taken very well to being in kennels and have been protective of my own space and nervous of strangers but once out on my lead am  a different dog. I shouldn’t live with younger children as i can be unpredictable.


What the Ark says about me

Oscar hasn’t bitten but can snap. He’s good around food and in boarding kennels and fine at the vets unless he’s not sure of the vet. He’s house-trained but has always been let out every couple of hours and is safe to be left up to 3-4 hours. He slept in his own bed in cage in the kitchen with the door open and travels well in the car. He’s good on and off the lead and has good recall to his name or a whistle. However, he can be funny about having his lead on and is better with a slip rope. He plays with toys and isn’t a chewer. Care should be taken with Oscar around young children due to his snapping, so would be better rehomed with older children only.